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Screenwriter . Director . Filmmaker


"MOWO“ stands for „MOser WOlfgang"

In 2010 I founded my own company with the intention of “Composing” and “Producing“ MUSIC!
Since the path sometimes takes its own way, it happened, meanwhile, that I stumbled into the film business.
I started then to produce documentaries and commercials for national and for international companies as well.
At the beginning without know-hows at all, but in time the passion for storytelling grew increasingly. “Learning by doing” was my best teacher.

I did attend, across Europe, to countless workshops with some of the best players in this game.

My attempt is to find as often as possible, opportunities  to meeting with masters in this field that may advise me in order to advance in this my path.

Now, in looking back to my ten years of productive work,  I feel lucky and grateful to continuing this path

and so I keep going on carrying out fantastic films and stories, those stories that live in my breast.


This indeed is my way ... MOWO

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